Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What does light or fat free cream cheese taste like?

I can taste the difference between fat free sour cream and regular. Is there much of a difference in taste for cream cheese? Which one tastes more like regular, fat free or light?What does light or fat free cream cheese taste like?
I have tried the fat free cream cheese and to me, it is not even close. I only bought it once and will never buy it again.

Now the light cream cheese is a different story. In my opinion it tastes VERY close to the regular, just a little less rich. I buy the light cream cheese all the time for bagels and such, however, I still use regular cream cheese in baking. To me cookies and cheese cakes need to be rich.What does light or fat free cream cheese taste like?
Actually, think about the differences between the sour creams and you will get an idea of what the cream cheeses will taste like. Fat-free has a slight chemical taste and is sweet - not pleasant and really nothing like cream cheese. Light is similar to the real thing, but again, has that odd chemical taste.

I use the real thing, just use less of it. Ditto for the Sour Cream. Tip - if you want to lighten full-fat Sour Cream, make it 3/4 Sour Cream to 1/4 Plain Yoghurt - best is Dannon Viactiv because of the flavor.
There's really not much of a difference--no matter what type you get, its still rich, creamy, and thick. If you did a side-by-side taste test, you would probably be able to identify the ';regular'; kind, but otherwise I think fat free or light are both great substitutes.
If you want the same taste, get the light cream cheese. The taste is pretty much the same. I don't like the fat-free cream cheese.
bleh :/

i tried light once, it wasnt worth it

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